my life as a teenage adolf hitler

Crazy Neighbor

Crazy neighbor Erica came over this evening. I heard someone stumbling up the stairs then heard a haggish hard hitting noise that sounded like, “Gia,” and in fell Erica. Wow, man, wow. Apparently she wanted jumper cables back or something, she wasn’t too coherent, I am not exactly sure. She was wearing a “SAY NO TO DRUGS” shirt which was obviously some not-so-subtle attempt at irony. She plops herself down starts smooching the cat then talking to me about…abortions & how she refuses to discriminate against any narcotic in any of their applied form’s. Her voice continues to louden till it gets to that magic place where the cat runs out of the room. In the midst of me not listening and trying to figure out a suitable plan of action to politely brush her off she tries on one of my shirts then pardons herself and leaves shortly after.  

Charming lady. Must have her over for tea. 

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